Vintage Pin Up Tees

A classic pop culture art form also known as “cheesecake”, the Pin-up genre has been a staple since Grandpa still wolf-whistled!

Vintage Label: Anubis Mareotic Wine

Sometimes we think it’s the little obscure things that matter most. Like the fact that going as far back as the 1st [&hellip

Vintage Advertising Tees

Once upon a time, advertising was cool and interesting and art in its own right. 

Tea & Apathy anyone?

Sometimes the right words are as simple as this. New, from the Department of Funny Nonsense, The “Meh” T-shirt. Show them how [&hellip

Sci-fi, Zombies & Other Tees

There is something about classic Sci-fi and Monster movies that we just love around here.  Maybe it’s the tentacles. 

Samurai & Ninja Unicorns-Yes, we really made them!

Limited Edition! We will only sell 100 of these, thats all, thats it. We don’t want to sell something everyone can have! [&hellip

Retro Tees

Pithy sayings and smiley faces bore us.  Political tees become obsolete every two years.  And rock band tees just make us look [&hellip

Retro Places & Things Tees

Vintage places that might have been, from Swanky Supper Clubs to Five-Star Hotels. 

Retro Nose Art Tees

Airplane nose art has a fascinating history, but you can read all about that on Wiki later.  For now, you can sport [&hellip

New Retro Pinup: Sea West Shipping

We love vintage ads. We really like creating them. A new & original design from is the “Sea West Shipping” Tee. [&hellip

Knock Knock.Who is it? Shark. Shark Who? Sharkopotamus! Rawrr

“We’re gunna need a bigger T-shirt” Oh the jokes, they are endless! One of our designers, Jason Leonti (website: ) has [&hellip

Classic Crate Label Tees

Way back when, even shipping an orange was an art

Brand New Design! Vintage Art Deco Majestic Aeroships!

We thought this would make for a swell news update, right off the virtual press, so to speak.  Introducing one of our [&hellip

Ancient Chinese Secret!

Ancient Chinese Warriors were something special. As far back as 221 BC they were the dominate force in China, insuring the Emperors [&hellip

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